What is Juice Plus+ Live?

Juice Plus+ Live is three days of learning, inspiration and bonding that will help you feel empowered and encouraged on your journey with Juice Plus+. Our bi-annual conference promises breakout trainings, personal access to doctors and health experts, and an opportunity to bond with other healthy-minded people just like you!

Why Join us?

At Juice Plus+ Live, you’ll feel supercharged by the new business ideas, personal connections, and inspiration that will stick with you long after the conference ends. You’ll gain invaluable access to some of the leaders of our company, celebrate the success of your fellow Juice Plus+ family members, and leave feeling truly inspired to encourage healthy living with everyone you meet! Come be a part of the experience with us—let’s be better than ever together.

What's New?

In Anaheim, you’ll hear from Curt Beavers, Michelle Ball, David Phillips, MD, and more to come. You also have the chance to experience Disneyland before or after your meetings and events! Book your Disneyland trip with our Anaheim 2017 ticket store. Want to stay in the know of other details? Download our Juice Plus+ Live app for your iPhone or Android!

Can't join us in Anaheim? Be sure to mark your calendar for one of our upcoming LIVE events:
Indianapolis: October 19-21, 2017
Phoenix: April 26-28, 2018


Juice Plus+ Live - Anaheim Spring 2017!